Together in time of Crisis

Reverend Carl Pointer on humanity in times of crisis See video »

The Village Vets Show – Meet the Drapers

Join Dr. Will and Dr. Fran in their lives with 4 human children and hundreds of furry ones. See video »

The Village Vets Show – Rikki’s Gonna Get that Neuter

Dr. Draper has an unconventional way to convince a pet owner to neuter. See video »

East Lake Foundation – Drew Legacy

Drew - The Legacy Class of the East Lake Foundation See video »

Thomasville Heights Elementary

Thomasville Heights Elementary - From worst to First See video »

Kansas City – Crossing the Invisible Line

Jazz, Barbecue, Baseball and Invisible barriers. Kansas City is working to unify their community. See video »

The Wing – Before, During, After the Game

The Braves just moved - and guess what? They moved next to the best wings and craft beer in Marietta. See video »

Center for Transportation and the Environment

Zero emission transportation. The future is now. See video »

Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School

ANCS - Best charter school in Atlanta See video »

Purpose Built Communities – 60 second National Ad

60 second National Citrus Bowl Ad for LIFT Orlando See video »

Purpose Built Communities – Birmingham

Purpose Built Communities work in Historic Woodlawn, Birmingham, Alabama See video »

Purpose Built Communities – New Orleans

PBC is changing neighborhoods. Changing lives. See video »

Sweetwater Brewing Branding Campaign

Sweetwater good, duh! See video »

Cell Phones Don’t Work in Heaven

Do you know the date and time you're going to die? Have you planned for it? See video »

Braveheart Everett

The name “Everett” means “brave as a wild boar,” and is a perfect fit for three-year-old warrior Everett Gray See video »

Purpose Built Communities

Purpose Built Communities - Houston See video »

C’ruthers Ice Bucket Challenge

Because dance and a good cause, that's why! See video »

eSecuritel Lose Control

You can lose your phone but you don't have to lose your mind. See video »

Johnny’s Pizza TV Commercial

If you're going to do a rebranding campaign make sure you do it where you get to work with fresh tossed Johnny's pizzas all day. See video »

Georgia Justice Project

When you work to support those that you love to support, work is not work at all. GJP is doing some great and very necessary work. We enjoyed every minute of learning about what they do and helping spread the word. See video »

The Schenck School

A promotion for The Schenck School, who have been helping children with dyslexia since 1958. See video »

SweetWater Blue

This spot was like the chicken or the egg question. We can't remember if we made up the music that inspired the ad or envisioned the ad and wrote the song. Who cares, right? See video »

Learn the Sweetwater Brewing Jingle

There's a current psychological study going on about this jingle. 3 out of 4 people can't stop singing this song. 1 out of 4 is annoyed at 3 people constantly singing. SCORE! See video »

Trigger: The Ripple Effect of Gun Violence

We had the great privilege to work with award winning director, David Barnhart for NBC on this nationally televised story about gun violence. See video »

Johnny’s Pizza – ‘Advertising Guys Finally Score’

In the ongoing commercial series, the Ad Guys attempt to pitch one of their wacky ideas with Nos talgia and Absur dity. See video »

GA Lottery Mega Millions

A consumate professional, Mega Ball not only nailed his lines on each take but also provided those subtle facial expressions that take a scene to that happy place we like to go. See video »

Intown Expert Blooper Reel

Blooper outtakes that culminate into a dance craze of awesome See video »

Johnny’s Pizza ‘Advertising Guys’ – Country Music

The first 'Ad Guys' pitch to the owners of Johnny's Pizza. While they may not have won the account, they might have immortalized the phrase, "Clowns are in right now!" See video »

Wild Wing Café

A Lords of Sapelo musical dedication to the 34 flavors that has made Wild Wing Cafe' more popular than hot wings. Do you have hot? See video »

2011 SweetWater 420 Festival

In 2011, SweetWater asked us to do their first TV commercial for their 420 Festival and coaxed us with 113 cases of beer. We debated on it for a few days while we rocked out and edited. Never sure if we really responded but we've been friends ever since. See video »

2012 SweetWater 420 Festival

Lords of Sapelo teamed up with our friends at SweetWater Brewing for another grueling three days of documenting great music, beer and food. It's work. Somebody has to do it. See video »

SweetWater Brew Your Cask

Ok, here's the concept - Get lots of local restaurants, celebrities, business and brewers together to each make their own beer. Give them a cask (and tons of beer for inspiration) and let them choose their ingredients, Then, come back in a few weeks to party over who had the best and the worst. See video »

Left Hand Nitro Hard Pour

Left Hand Brewing wanted a big release of their Milk Stout Nitro - so they called on Lords of Sapelo to stir up a contest. See video »

Lords of Sapelo Hero of Hack

Who knows where inspiration comes from? Lords of Sapelo found it from a jingle about feminine hygiene and a bag full of rice. See video »

TEKLA Tradeshow

The conversation wen something like this - "Hey, Lords of Sapelo. Can you guys edit and music-sauce my awesome idea for a trade show campaign?" See video »

Emma and Pépe

We saw our friend, Anthony Bourdain, get a cool camera that could shoot super high-def so-mo, so we thought we'd get that cool camera to do the same. See video »

William Moss – Get Out and Grow

He's the most popular gardner on TV. We started with 'Get out and Grow' and now we're moving, growing and brewing across the country. See video »

SweetWater Brewing 15th Anniversary Pt. 1

Atlantas rock stars of brewing got together to brew a special beer. See video »

SweetWater Brewing 15th Anniversary Pt. 2

When the rock stars of Atlanta brewing get together, they're eventually going to make something. Maybe trouble! See video »

SelecSource Staffing

'Service beyond fulfillment'. - We got together with SelecSource to show what that means. See video »

Johnny’s Pizza ‘Advertising Guys’ Autotune

'Oh, No' is the new 'Oh, Yes!' Here's Johnny's! See video »

Neighborhoods of Atlanta Virginia-Highland

Do you know how cool the city you live in is? We did - or at least thought we did, but then produced some spots for Intown Expert reality group in Atlanta and had the opportunity to find new gems in our own city. See video »

Johnny’s Pizza – ‘Advertising Guys’ – Korean Dance Craze

Did you know that Korean dance music is very popular when you play golf and eat pizza? No really! See video »

C’ruthers ft. Muhsin Muhammad

Sometimes things seem like one thing on the surface - but then they're different when you click 'see video'. See video »

The Wing is Great Food

Of course, we shot and edited this video and wrote and recorded the music, blah, blah. The important thing to know is that we ate and drank everything you see in this video. See video »

Wild Wing Cafe (Marietta) – Great Beer

Beer! Beer! Beer! Oh wait?... Oh yeah! Beer! See video »

Winds of Hope

Some projects you present. This was one that we experienced. We all understand how small we are on this planet, but when you witness what happens in a disaster like this you truly feel it. See video »

The Schenck School: Legacy of David Schenck

We were honored to document the life of the founder of one of the great educational treasures this country has to offer. See video »

SweetWater Brewery Expansion

Who said size doesn't matter? A Bigger brewery means more delicious SweetWater beer. See video »

The Wing

As Bing so eloquently says, "The Wing is what the Wing is." See video »

Sweetwater Festive Ale

Big Jewish Santa is serious about his SweetWater Festive Ale. See video »

One Fan’s Reaction

One fan's reaction to Georgia Southern beating the University of Florida See video »